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I've been practicing yoga for years, but not always consistently. Which is why I love taking yoga classes with Lockett. Regardless of whether or not I am at my best or have relapsed and am performing at a more beginner level (despite knowledge of what I'm *supposed* to do), Lockett knows just how to take stock in where I am at on a particular day in a particular class and help me grow from exactly where I am. It's not just me, either- she gives tailored and individual attention to all students that fit their specific needs and limitations.

Also, Lockett has the ability to teach classes that are gentle on the body or that push your boundaries a bit more, depending on the class (relaxation yoga, intermediate hatha, etc.). Regardless, though, they are always great and you leave feeling wonderful. This breadth of teaching ability let's me know she's an especially good teacher - and in the past 12 years or so that I've been practicing yoga, I've had many instructors with different styles, so I have comparisons. There are many options in Portland with different classes to attend with different instructors, but there's a reason why I always attend Lockett's - she's among the best instructors I've had the pleasure to practice with; she gets to know your name and specific needs, she makes sure you are doing well throughout the class without being invasive, and you always leave the class feeling great. I highly recommend anyone, at any level, practice with Lockett! She is a great instructor!

-Roland Chlapowski

I have been studying yoga with Lockett for more than ten years. Lockett's classes follow a natural rhythm flowing from centering, through sun salutations and more vigorous standing poses and then into seated postures and finally into resting. Our breath guides us throughout the class and her clear descriptions and gentle touch help us explore each pose more deeply.

-Lauren Creany