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Lockett Taylor

I began practicing yoga in 1998 when yoga in Portland consisted of a handful of studios and an exciting burgeoning interest in the practice here. Walking out of my first class ever, a very informal class at Loprinzi's Gym, I thought to myself, "Well I guess I'll do that for the rest of my life...." After practicing there on a regular basis I began an extensive study of Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga with Timo Jimenez here in Portland, and then completed teacher training and advanced teacher training with Tias Little in Santa Fe. My practice and teaching reflect my experience with those traditions, as well as the broader creativity of Vinyasa yoga. In my classes you will be guided to work at your own pace towards gaining strength and flexibility while cultivating breath and mindfulness through a continuous flow. My approach is laid back, as I believe yoga is a long term practice of patience and determination, not one of force or coersion, but a gentle coaxing of the body and mind. The physical practice can then mature into an increasingly subtle balancing between effort and ease. I also teach Restorative yoga in which quiet supported poses work to restore energy, provide healing, reduce stress and soothe the mind.

I have taught at both the Yogaspace and for the employees of Weiden + Kennedy for over a decade.

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